Autor: Stefan Krumm

  • Update / FAQ for MIDI AND OSC for onPC – Part III: Encoders, Faders, Feedback

    This is about error correction, user questions, and updates for the third tutorial of the series.
    How to fix commands sent twice.

  • MIDI AND OSC for onPC – Part III: Encoders, Faders, Feedback

    This episode deals how to map midi encoders to encoders of GrandMA 3 onPC, how to use the executor faders, and how to send feedback to the motor faders of the X-Touch.

  • About me

    I’m a geologist doing research and teaching at the University of Erlangen Nürnberg.In my spare time, I play bass, a little saxophone and produce sound tracks for videos. And, as you may have noticed, produce tutorials on lighting topics, especially with GrandMA3 software.With this background, I am wondering about the the lack of musicality in […]

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    MIDI and OSC – Part II: Using Chataigne

    Part II of this series deals how to map control elements of a X-Touch Compact midi controller via OSC to GrandMA3 step by step. The mapping is done by the free software „Chataigne“.

  • QGis – First Steps

    Here are the first steps in QGis. We will deal with: Download/Installation Raster versus Vector graphics Web ressources

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    MIDI AND OSC for onPC – Part I: Overview

    This is the first video of a series that deal with connecting midi devices by OSC to GrandMA3 onPC.