MIDI and OSC – Part II: Using Chataigne

Part II of this series deals how to map control elements of a X-Touch Compact midi controller via OSC to GrandMA3 step by step. The mapping is done by the free software „Chataigne“.


More: Part I

There is an error in the spoken comment at 3:24. Should read „control change 9“.

Although I use the Behringer X-Touch Compact, any other midi controller or even a midi keyboard can be used.

A word of warning: I had issues with 3 of the X-Touch devices. Behringer was very helpful, but finally I had to decide to live with it and build a work around. All my devices didn’t initialize correctly afte power on. The faders would only send either „0“ or „127“. I must activate layer „B“ and switch back to „A“ for sending a continuous stream of values between 1 and 100. One error remains. On fader movement a CC26 is sent sporadically.