About me

I’m a geologist doing research and teaching at the University of Erlangen Nürnberg.
In my spare time, I play bass, a little saxophone and produce sound tracks for videos. And, as you may have noticed, produce tutorials on lighting topics, especially with GrandMA3 software.
With this background, I am wondering about the the lack of musicality in many stage and TV lighting productions, where moving lights seem to perform some sort of rhythmic gymnastics in shuffle mode. I’ve been doing lighting for my own and for other bands for years. My emphasis is on creating tasteful looks and sequences, that are in harmony with the music and its mood. Cues should always change in time with the music. Not every cue should contain strobes and flashes. However, I use the very good sound to light-function of MA3 to set accents or automate shows for DJ-gigs.
The whole show should follow some dramaturgy. We shouldn’t fire all our effects in the first song, should we?

Less is more!

Programming languages
C, C++, Perl, Python, LUA, OSC, Javascript
GrandMA3 LUA (intermediate level) and macro programming (e.g. feedback from GrandMA to X-Touch faders and TouchOSC by OSC and Midi)
I’ve been a co-developer for the QLC lighting software for Mac, Linux and Windows

I worked on GrandMA3 (onPC), Chamsys MagicQ (PC-Wing), QLC, and various small controllers. My main topic is integration of midi controllers to onPC via OSC and controlling shows with iPad by TouchOSC.

Basic knowledge of MA-Net station and device interfacing.

MA Lighting onPC 2 Port node, 2 x DMX universes, 4096 parameters
Eurolite Artnet2DMX Node, 1 universe, 512 parameters
Various USB2DMX dongles
5-Port 1 Gbit switch, WLAN Router
Behringer X-Touch Compact Midi controller
iPad with TouchOSC
Mac Mini M1, external 27″ screen and external 22″ touch screen
MacBook Pro as fall back / backup in live settings

2 x Fresnell 500 W
8 x Showtec Spectral M800 Q4Tour LED PAR RGBA
5 x VaryTec Hero Wash712 RGBW Zoom
5 x Varytec Colors StarBar 12, 12 x RGB, 12 x WW Beam
5 x Eurolite Party Panel RGB UV
5 x Edison vintage bulbs on stands
1 x Hazer

Access to heavy stands, truss, …